Why choose custom photography!

Over the years I have been very lucky to take photos of some wonderful families.  People who work with me know my style, know how I work with children and basically know what to expect from me.  I am not the most expensive photographer out there but I also know that I am not the cheapest either.  With economic times the way that they are I understand how some people might have difficulty justifying what they spend on pictures.  It has always been my thought that a picture captures a 1000 words.  A picture can remind us that life is rich, there is beauty everywhere, a personal connection has meaning and laughter is life’s sweetest creation.  The milestones of our children and our families pass us by way too quickly.  Our children grow up so quickly right before our eyes.  I often wish I could make time stand still, and that I can hold onto their wonder and their excitement.  So often we forget to take time to bask in what is real, what is fun and what is childhood.  These are memories that we can’t get back.  The type of photography that I do is lifestyle photography.  I capture your memories, your moments.  Its not about what I think is cute or important to capture its what you think.  I try to form a personal connection with all of the people that I work with.  You are not only clients, you become family to me.

So I was looking to find something that would tell you all why you should choose custom photography rather then going to your local mall to get your family photographed.  I came across this fabulous article that really explains and justifies custom photography.  I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to see why you should choose custom photography!

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