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What are the new trends for new moms? 

Every mom wants the cutest and best for their baby.  Rachael Ray recently aired a show about Top New Trends for Moms.  Her guest speaker discovered some new amazing trends to make parenting easier and more fun.  Some of the trends that I found most appealing where those dealing with photography.  Moms are seeking out photographers to capture their newborns before their babies are even born.  These moms want those precious and priceless pictures of their newborn that really can only be captured within that first week of life.  These moments are so precious to every mom and dad and it slips away so quickly.  Right before our eyes.  I tell my clients to get those cute, sleeping, hands under the chin pictures, they need to see me as soon as they can.  To get these types of pictures it is a must to get into a studio within the first week of the child’s birth.  This usually ensures the photographer will be able to get you those adorable shots that you are looking for.  You might ask why within the first week.   Well there really is no magic number but I personally think that after that first week your baby is getting use to being out in the world.  He/she has realized that they have a lot more room to move around.  The arm and legs begin to stretch out and the eyes start to stay open a little longer after that first week.  It is best to be able to keep them in that fetal position as much as we can.  This will ensure that we get those poses that mom’s long for.  🙂

Newborn sessions can be on the pricey side from a lot of custom photographers.  There is a great deal of work that goes into these sessions.  Here at Riley Jolie Photography, we try to keep in mind that not everyone can pay a fortune for pictures.  We keep our prices reasonable so that everyone can afford  to get those very special pictures of their newborn.  We currently have a Milestone Promotion that will allow mom and dad to capture their baby’s 1st year milestones.  If this doesn’t appeal to you then you can do one of our more standard packages which can be found under our investment section.


The next new trend for moms is the First Birthday Picture.  These pictures are so much fun not only for your child but also for me.  The options of what a mom can do are endless but my favorite thing to do is a smash cake.  These pictures are always priceless.  Whether your child is the dainty one, the one that digs right in or the child that sits there and cries while mom helps them make a mess.  These sessions are always so much fun.  These pictures can be done outside on a pretty bridge or at a park or they can be done in the studio.  Here at Riley Jolie Photography the options are endless.  You are welcome to bring your own items or we also have a ton of props to pick from to make your picture extra special.  We do have a 1st birthday package that includes a smash cake but you can also bring your own.  A consultation before hand should be had regarding any type of allergies your child might have.

After your big 1 year old has their photo session, why not do something fun with their photos to show everyone how you marked your babies 1st year and create a photo card or a fun postcard to send out to your family and friends.  Keep up with the trend and don’t be surprised when you start receiving them in the mail.

Check out the video on the Rachael Ray Show for other new trends for moms and their babies.


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