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Homecoming Season | Plainfield, IL

A girl has some special moments in her life that bring a certain glimmer to her eye.  Her homecoming dance is one of those times.  Dressing up in a perfect dress, getting her hair, makeup and nails done is all part of the fun.  Then when you have the most perfect date makes the memories […]

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Trendy Mom’s and Photography | Plainfield, Il Newborn and Child Photographer

What are the new trends for new moms?  Every mom wants the cutest and best for their baby.  Rachael Ray recently aired a show about Top New Trends for Moms.  Her guest speaker discovered some new amazing trends to make parenting easier and more fun.  Some of the trends that I found most appealing where […]

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Hope Children’s Hospital | April 2011

Two times a year I am fortunate enough to join some talented individuals in supporting a wonderful hospital.  Donation are given to the children at Hope Children’s Hospital and there are a group of us that present these gifts to the children within the cancer unit at the hospital.  Every time we walk into the […]

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1st Birthdays are so much fun | Plainfield IL Event Photographer

These two little pumpkins celebrated their 1st birthday with a big surprise.  Elmo and Dorothy made a special appearance at the party which everyone enjoyed.  It was such a big day for these two that they passed out right in the middle of their party.  Being cute and being 1 is a lot of work. […]

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Birthday Party Fun | Plainfield, IL Photographer

A big Happy Birthday to one of my favorite little people.  What a wonderful treat for me to be able to photograph little Miss Ava while she celebrated her 4th birthday at Flying High Gymnastics. I chased all of the little people around the gym capturing special moments for Ava’s mommy and daddy.  This little […]

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